The 2010 midterm elections were an indictment on the Obama Administration.

Americans voted for hope and change. Optimism was high. America had just elected her first African-American president.

Al Sharpton admitted when voters elected Obama, they voted FOR socialism.

We saw a health care reform that no one but the President and his party leaders wanted. Not even businesses and unions that fought for it actually wanted it judging by the 722+ waivers issued since its passage.

We got a food safety bill that did nothing for food safety and plenty for Monsalto.

We got minimal tax cuts and had to fight to save the one tax cut that truly was effective.

Now two judges, at least one a federal judge has ruled that health care reform is unconstitutional. I don’t see how they could have ruled any other way but these days you just never know.

The first ruling came out of Florida and apparently the judged was persuaded by the individual mandate. Although about 95% of the rest was also unconstitutional, the ruling concerned the mandate. It is also nice to see that the ruling suggested the entire HCR be suspended.

Another ruling was from Virginia. I just heard about it and have no other information. I haven’t even been able to verify it with my sources so no comment on that ruling.

If Obama wants to save his presidency from a Carter legacy, he should decisively drop this package and give the Republican House of Reps a chance to swing the bat. He should also not only extend the Bush Tax cuts, he should make them permanent.
He should reverse the passage of the socialist food safety bill. He should take a decisive stand on Egyptians desire for freedom, democracy reform and economic freedoms before the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization, completely and successfully co-opts the uprising. They have already strategically embraced Muhammed ElBaradei, a critic of the US, and supposedly will form a unity government. Already word on Arab street is the Egyptian citizens are not completely happy with ElBaradei, so this gives the US a chance still to show the Egyptians we stand with them. They deserve to be free. They deserve to control their own destiny. The deserve a corruption-free electoral process.

They deserve the support of the United States.

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